Year 1 looking for bugs and checking their charts- Photos/ Article by Aimee Winkfield

Ever since the forest school was built on the grounds of Rose Hill Primary School back in January, the children have loved every second planting, building and learning about wildlife!

The Forest School was constructed by the volunteers at Nicholson’s, whilst hundreds of trees and plants were donated by the Berkeley Reforestation project.

Emma Hood, the school’s outdoor learning coordinator said: “Having the Forest school area planted by the volunteers at Nicholson’s has helped the children understand that other people care about them and about our school.”

Emma also explained how the Forest School has impacted the children: “The children have responded so positively to the Forest school area, often asking when they can go there next. They are caring and respectful to the tress and creatures there. They’ve learnt about the importance of trees, and how they can attract wildlife, grow fruit and emit oxygen!”

Children from all year groups have helped to create a range of different habitats for frogs, bees, hedgehogs, bugs and reptiles, which has helped them to recognize the importance of these creatures and team working skills.

Emma said: “It’s proved really engaging for the children who have loved learning about how to use the tools effectively, allowing them to develop a sense of care and pride.”

So what do the kids think?

Jayden Shorter (Year 4): “We never expected people would come and make a beautiful place like the Forest School area. It shows you never know what’s coming in the future!”

Aleah Hawkins (Year 5): “Since it was built my class made a habitat area for frogs. It was fun because I worked as a team with my class.”

Tameem Islam (Year 1): “I like outdoor learning because we go to different places that we haven’t been to before.”

Bartek Kubiuk (Year 1): “We have played with clay and planted wildflower seeds for bees!”

See below a slideshow of pictures from the build and after:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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