By: Graham West.
Oxford LEGO (Adult) meet up had its second meet-up on Saturday (15th) in the seating area at Rose Hill Community Centre.  They were allocated a table for the meet up outside San Remo Cafe, and were able to sit down and have a nice cup of coffee whilst discussing all different aspects of LEGO building.

The group decided to build a Giant Pumpkin as it’s the Autumn Season and nearly Halloween at the end of the month. They decided to build a  hollow pumpkin construction with a lid so that fairy lights could be placed inside.  The mouth and the eyes of the pumpkin were to be left as open slots, so that light from the fairy lights could shine through.


The meet up group is a newly formed group that can accommodate 6 persons at a session using the RSVP pre-booking system. They are hoping to hold sessions once a month in the cafe for constructing a variety of different models.  Those who came to the session thoroughly enjoyed themselves and had a great time.

Plans are being discussed about a future children’s Lego group.

If you would like more information, or would like to come to the next session please email:

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