This week we’re looking back through the archives for Rose Hill News. In doing this we found some old scanned pictures of Rose Hill Roundabout. Learn more about the publication below:

The Rose Hill Roundabout was the earliest official Rose Hill newsletter, the first edition being printed in March 1957. In September 1956, Councillor Percy Bromley, Councillor Bill Buckingham and Councillor Norman Brown discussed the need for a local community news document and thus Rose Hill Roundabout was born.



Norman offered to take on the role of editor on a temporary basis, and was still doing the job twenty-nine years later before sadly having to retire through ill health. Norman reflected in his final contribution for the newsletter that not only did they produce their own early editions by hand (no photocopying machines!) in the Community centre offices but that it became one of the forerunners of Community papers Nationally. It was in such demand that copies were even sent to Africa by residents who lived in Rose Hill. Delivers around Rose Hill were organised by street representatives ensuring everyone got a copy.

After Norman’s death in 1985, efforts were made to continue the news for Rose Hill residents by having a page in the ‘Littlemore Local’. This continued for around five years until the decision was made by the Community Association in 1992 to bury the Roundabout.








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