March News 2017


Rose Hill News is back!

On Saturday 4th March, people who live and work in Rose Hill met up to take part in a community journalism training day. The workshop was designed to give them an introduction to community newspapers, how they run and how to write and source a story.

Resulting from the interest in the training days, Rose Hill News is returning as a free local community newspaper, but in a smaller format (for now)!

Those who came to the workshop were very interested in coming together to write stories for the paper, which is due to be delivered to doorsteps on April 11th.

Residents brainstormed possible stories and themes which they thought could be relevant to include as content in the new Rose Hill News. Some suggestions were:

  • Reviews
  • Well-being/mental health.
  • Local history
  • Jobs
  • Children’s centre & childcare
  • Cooking
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Sport
  • Education & Youth
  • Community events

The deadline for copy is March 15th, so if you have a story which needs covering in Rose Hill please email:

Thanks to everyone who came, it was heartening to see the support.

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