Anneliese Dodds speaks to residents

By Eleanor Watts

Last month, Oxford East MP and Rose Hill resident Anneliese Dodds came to a discussion with 65 local residents at Rose Hill Community Centre. The topic was: “What can East Oxford can do about climate change and pollution?

First, we listened to Anneliese’s talk about the wide range of measures she would support – from prioritising public transport and cycling to enabling innovative low carbon heat networks. She said: “The term ‘climate change’ is too mild. We have a climate crisis. If we are to beat it, we need to make urgent changes to the ways we live and the laws of our government.” She also mentioned her personal resolution to stop buying water in plastic bottles!

Then we broke into six expert-led discussion groups of some ways forward: 1) renewable energy generation, 2) house insulation 3) improved public transport and electric cars, 4) safer cycling and laws against air pollution, 5) further waste recycling and discouraging plastic use, 6) climate change education.


Each group had exciting ideas, which they fed back to Anneliese afterwards so that she can represent them in parliament. It was a great evening of co-operative work – the only way to beat the climate crisis.