By Eleanor Watts

Give a hand to the trees!

In November many of you helped us to plant 600 trees on the Recreation Ground, including the Year 6 children from Rose Hill School. In March, members of Youth Ambition planted 32 more trees.  They’re growing beautifully in the May sunshine!

Tree growing nicely!

We had planned a Community Tree Care Day to mulch the trees by weeding and spreading wood chips around them. But then came the lock-down, so we decided to look after the trees in ones and twos while doing our daily exercise. Special thanks to Wendy, Ricky, Trev, Paul and Nick who have been doing most of the work. If you’d like to help, here’s how:

  1. Take a gardening bag, gloves and a trowel/spade on your daily walk.
  2. Fill your bag with wood chips at the Spencer Crescent entrance to the Rec.
  3. Clear weeds around tree saplings and spread wood chips around them.
  4. Ensure that the stakes and the spiral protectors are in place.
  5. Email rosehill.iffley.low.carbon@gmail.com and let us know.

Campaign for a path through Rivermead Nature Park!

As you may know, in August, the University put a huge fence blocking off its part of Rivermead Nature Park from local residents, who have enjoyed walking in this lovely place for decades. RHILC has been working with the ‘Friends of Rivermead’ to pressurise the University to open a permissive path through the University-owned woodland to Iffley. If you’d like to join ‘Friends of Rivermead’, write to Jason Mosley at: mosley@wereilu.com

Residents inspect the fence

Why worry about the environment anyway?

On 29 April, Paul Skinner led a workshop on Zoom, asking searching questions like: If you were the only person on earth, would it be ok to trash nature? Do human beings have more value than animals or plants? It was good to take time to think about why our group cares about the environment.

The Coronavirus crisis has made us face up to the fact that human beings aren’t all powerful. We’re just a part of nature. We can only survive if we look after the natural world and each other – and if we do that, life becomes worth living.

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