Vote for our film!

Last year, Rose Hill residents made a short film for the Oxford Bus Company competition. The prize: to cover an Oxford bus with publicity from a community group or charity. 

We made the shortlist last year, so re-submitted our entry again this year and if we win, an Oxford bus will be covered with these seven simple messages:

  1. Plant trees!
  2. Walk, cycle, or take the bus!
  3. Eat local food and less meat!
  4. Switch to a green energy tariff!
  5. Make your home more energy efficient!
  6. Repair, re-use, and re-cycle!
  7. Talk about climate change!

We are the first listing on the website, please watch our film and vote for us before 20th December:


(or google: Oxford Bus Competition)

Further info:   Email: rosehill.iffley.low.carbon@gmail.com                               facebook.com/rosehillandiffleylowcarbon