Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon asked local residents for their ideas at the Creative Lights Festival. Here are some of their brilliant answers:

Rose Hill Recreation Ground needs:

– A skate park and a better path for pushchairs and wheel chairs around the football pitch.

– A fence around the children’s play area due to dogs and motor bikes.

– Lights along the path through the park because it’s really dark at night.

– Fix the flood lights on the top field to save money and time

– More exercise machines on the second field by Spencer Crescent

– More football pitches on the school field for Rose Hill Youth Football Club

– A free part of the park for dogs because people sometimes can’t take them off their leads and if we had a dog park, then we would have more friendly dogs.

We should put it next to the trees near Spencer Crescent because then the dogs would fertilise the trees.

The Oval needs:

– More colour because it’s just green and needs colourful flowers to make it more friendly.

– A more regular bus service so I can get to work on time

The Community Centre needs:

– More JYC sessions for the children of Rose Hill and surrounding areas e.g. with extra sessions on first aid, life skills, team building activities.

– Hair braiding and face painting in the Ballroom at JYC.

– A baby/toddler group every second Saturday.

– A cinema because it’s too expensive to go into Oxford.

– A doctor’s surgery.

Asquith Road, Cottesmore Road, Williamson Way, Clinton Close, Rivermead Road needs:

– Put noise barrier fences to block the noise from the dual carriageway, so people have more peace. Put solar panels on the fences and on the houses that face south, so the energy prices go down.

If you have more ideas of what you would change about Rose Hill, email them to Aimee:

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