Rose Hill Community Centre

Starting on Wednesday 1st March

Time: 2-3:30pm.

Every Step Counts is a 12 week walking programme designed by Walking for Health. The project was developed to bridge a gap between those who don’t walk and those who attend the established ‘Health Walks’ programme. There was an acknowledgement that for some people, a 60 minute ‘Health Walk’ walk would be daunting; Every Step Counts was therefore born.

During the 12 weeks of an Every Step Counts programme you are guided through a weekly walking programme, which is designed by the Walk Leader to be incrementally more challenging each week. The aim is that upon completion of the 12 weeks, you are able to walk continuously for 60 minutes, and therefore join an established ‘Health Walk’.

Alongside the weekly walk, you are given a pedometer and a log book. This is designed to encourage you to be active throughout the week and record your activity more formally should you wish. This is combined with careful goal setting assisted by the Walk Leader to set manageable and specific targets for you to help you along your journey to activity.

The Walk Leader is also prepared to give more general advice in terms of barriers to exercise, celebrating success and helping with difficulties to ensure that you are given the support needed with you journey.

For the Oxford City Every Step Counts Project, our Walk Leader will be our Sport and Physical Activity Activator, Dan Craggs and the scheme will be co-ordinated by Emma Collins (Sport and Physical Activity Officer). For further details please contact Emma Collins at ecollins@oxford.gov.uk or on 07483007114

Volunteer on the walks:

Help and assist with activities by emailing the above address

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