The volunteers with their collection. By Aimee Winkfield.JPG

Community clean up

By Aimee Winkfied

Recently, more than 20 volunteers gathered for the OxClean 2017 Spring clean at Rose Hill Community Centre.

Those who came to help with the litter-pick included members of the TRA, Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon group and the Oxford Nepalese community. The group spent two hours searching for litter across the estate and brought back over 20 bags of landfill and recyclable material. A large fence was also found stuffed into a bush and was dragged back to the centre to be collected by Oxford City Council.

Terry Kirkby, chairman of the TRA said:

“Over the years, we’ve been quite successful in attracting people to come along and take part in this, but also the amount they collect is quite enormous. It’s all part of the coming together, the community spirit on Rose Hill that’s probably the most important thing.”

Across Oxfordshire, OxClean’s volunteer groups collected in total 1763 bags for landfill, including the same number of recycling bags over the course of three days!

The next OxClean Spring clean is scheduled between: Friday 2nd March-Sunday 4th March 2018 or you can visit their website to get involved in other events: www.oxclean.org.uk

You can watch the video and view the gallery below:

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