By Chris Jacques

The blood donation van visits Rose Hill community centre by Chris Jacques.JPG

Rose Hill Community Centre was recently the venue for a Blood Donor Session. Blood donor sessions have been taking place there since the centre opened in January 2016.

Having previously donated blood, Rowland Seal aged 71 said:

“I gave my first pint when I was at college in the 1960s. That was three years after the date of Tony Hancock’s radio sketch ‘The Blood Donor’, which some readers may remember. One aspect of giving blood that has changed over the years is you can now book an appointment online. This has speeded up the process, so I’m usually in and out of the session in under an hour.”

The NHS Blood and Transplant service told us it needs over 6,000 blood donations every day to treat patients across England. Each year they need about 200,000 new donors, as some donors can no longer give blood. This could be because of age or illness or exposure to infections.

Around half of their current donors are over 45, the service said: “That is why we need more young people (over the age of 17) to start giving blood. We need to make sure we have enough blood in the future.”

Did you know?

Blood donors across England are now being sent a text message when their blood goes to a hospital to save or improve patient lives.

Volunteer blood donors have been helping to save lives for 70 years, since 26th September 1946.

One million people across England and North Wales are now registered to book donation appointments online. This makes it one of the largest digital booking systems of any blood service in the world!

The date of the next blood donor session at the Rose Hill Community Centre is Friday 14th July.

You can go to www.blood.co.uk to find further information and to make an appointment.

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