Rose Hill International Women’s Day

By Aimee Winkfield & Po Yung.

Lucy Lontay Portrait

Rose Hill Community centre recently held its first International Women’s Day event offering a range of activities from drama to car maintenance.

Po Yung, who volunteered to co-organize the event said the response was great and the ladies who came along on the day seemed to really enjoy the activities on offer: “We wanted to put a range of activities together that would appeal to women who had different interests and for different ages and to showcase some of the great activities that already go on at the centre.”

Claire Waite Brown from Open Stage Arts, held singing and drama sessions on the day and said the event was a great idea, offering a range of activities for women to try for free: “I met quite a few ladies on the day who were really enjoying everything on offer, this could draw new ladies to the venue and introduce everything that happens here, we’ve had a great response to our regular classes in Rose Hill and are offering a discounted rate for Rose Hill residents who want to join.”

Lorna Cunan came to the centre from Littlemore and said: “I had the afternoon off and wanted to see what activities there were. I work shifts so it can sometimes be difficult to find classes that fit in with my time. The basic car maintenance was really useful.”

Cher Chiu also visited on the day and said: “I enjoyed the relaxation and new you sessions. We were given a lot of information and there were mindfulness tips too. We went through breathing techniques I can use at home and the massage was really relaxing, I wanted to fall asleep!”

Another visitor from Cowley said they came to see what was going on: “I did the drama session and Couch to 5km. I enjoyed it! It’s about participating and there’s nothing really like this in Cowley.”

To find out about the activities on offer at Rose Hill Community centre call: 01865 749597.

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