Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon Update

By Eleanor Watts



  • Your fridge-freezer produces waste heat.
  • The fridge-freezers of Sainsbury’s produce A LOT more waste heat.
  • At the moment, this waste heat warms the air of Oxfordshire.
  • Sainsbury’s is just across the by-pass from Rose Hill.
  • Fuel bills are soaring.

So,  join up the dots…

Could we use the waste heat from Sainsbury’s to heat houses in Rose Hill, cut fuel bills and cut our carbon footprint? Andy Edwards, of BioRegional says we can!

BioRegional is the charity that runs Project ERIC, which has installed solar panels and battery storage on 82 houses in our area.  Their 80-page report explains how Sainsbury’s waste heat could heat water, which would then be piped under the by-pass. The water could flow to 146 Oxford City Council homes in the initial phase. Other interested house-holders could opt in.

According to Andy Edwards, the heat network could: “Reduce carbon emissions from heating and hot water by over 70% and reduce energy bills by up to 80% across the households identified.”

When so many local people struggle with fuel bills, those savings would be very welcome.

The first map shows where the pipes could run and the second map shows where there is greatest demand for heat in Rose Hill. The two match nicely:

Map 1- Where the pipes could run
Map 1: Where the pipes could run
Map 2- Where the demand for heat is greatest. Red-greatest, Blue-least
Map 2: Demand for heat

Over the past six months, BioRegional has consulted widely with members of the community; local responses have been very positive. Initial studies show that the technology is feasible. Through the Renewable Heat Incentive, the Government is offering large grants to make such innovative schemes possible. Sainsbury’s and Oxford City Council are now considering BioRegional’s suggested programme.

Make no mistake, this would be a huge project if it comes off. It will need cooperation between many different bodies and will involve a search for major funding. But Rose Hill has already made huge strides in renewable energy. Could this be the next one?

If you would like to read the report in full, or find out more about our work, please contact Rose Hill and Iffley Low Carbon at the email address below.

Eleanor Watts: rosehill.iffley.low.carbon@gmail.com

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