By Neil Mukherjee

A great opportunity has arisen for Rose Hill residents who might be looking to join a local singing or drama group.

Claire Waite Brown at Open Stage Arts runs Oxford based singing and drama classes for adults of any ability, whether you have prior experience or have not attempted any before. Perhaps you have felt that you wanted to improve your confidence and public speaking skills but don’t know where or how to start?

The classes are more than just about singing and drama, in fact Claire said the classes are not just about acquiring new skills but that they have also brought people who share a common creative interest together: “The classes are about enjoyment, they’re not aimed at people who want to become professional actors and singers, but for people who enjoy singing and acting.”

The classes are for everyone and are not meant to be intimidating to those who are thinking about joining, Claire said: “The activities themselves are very inclusive. The instructors won’t ever say that you have done something wrong, there is no wrong.”

Claire hopes that people are encouraged to give the classes a go, there are also further opportunities to take trips to see both the drama and music tutors perform in their individual shows.

So why not try something new? Come and meet new people and share new experiences in the classes held at Rose Hill Community centre.

You can find more information about the classes and tutors here:

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