Winter Campaign

Burglaries are extremely stressful times for victims. Please consider your own home security and crime prevention during the longer winter months.

Things to check; install/clean security lights, fix any broken door/gate locks, this also includes valuables in your car. Remove valuable items from prying eyes, keys from locks and Christmas presents from sight. Also, keeping your garden tidy prevents people hiding behind overgrown bushes, trees, or high fences.

Register your belongings like keys, bikes, mobile phones, TV’s and cameras etc. on Make sure to check on the most vulnerable people, your friends, family and neighbours, ensure they have heating and food supplies during the cold months.

Good news-

Thank you to the community for reporting a local drug dealer who was targeting vulnerable people in a local park. We found class A drugs; this is now an ongoing investigation.

We conducted an educational operation for E-scooters. Currently the law states they are treated the same as a car so they must be road legal, with lights, insurance and a license. For more information, please see;

The neighbourhood policing team work on issues identified by local residents and businesses. To contact them call 101, this is a non-emergency number. Alternatively, email them on please call 999 only in emergencies.

Please have a safe Christmas!

Rose Hill Neighbourhood Police Team.